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Welcome to Glendale
City of Glendale, Wisconsin website


    Greetings Glendale Residents: My goal, as the Mayor of Glendale, has always been to keep our residents informed and safe. We’re fortunate our city offers ample and accessible resources close-to-home. During this unprecedented time, the City is working hard to keep our local assets strong and viable, which also includes our small businesses. Minimizing the economic impact of this virus on Glendale is essential and therefore,  I’m reaching out for everyone’s support. Below, you’ll find a helpful resource guide intended to keep you informed, while supporting Glendale businesses. Now, moreRead more »

    Renovations begin at BAYSHORE

    “Bayshore Town Center has presented plans to redevelop the mixed-use destination. Key elements of the proposal include raising the central green space of Town Square to provide greater openness and connectivity, transforming the existing Rotunda into a lively communal space for indoor entertainment, improvements to landscaping, hardscaping and cosmetic upgrades on numerous building facades, plus the demolition of the original enclosed mall, making way for additional uses including multi-family residential units, vibrant senior housing and a hotel.” To learn more, click here.