A Complete Guide to Keeping Your North Shore Kids Entertained

*updated 10/21/20*

As coronavirus has continued to spread, online teaching has become the norm, and most, if not all, events have been cancelled, teachers, parents, and caregivers may be wondering how to keep children entertained. Thankfully, there are a myriad of free resources out there to help. Here is a list of fun, educational, and mostly FREE activities to do with your kids around the North Shore Area and online. 

Stay Entertained In the North Shore Area!

1.The North Shore Library offers FREE e-services which allow you to download books, magazines, comic books, audiobooks, and television series.  Love crafting? Then check out Creative Bug and gain access to over a 1,000 online craft tutorials. Discover online resources to fix your car, learn a new hobby, or hone your business acumen.

2. The Board Game Barrister, Glendale’s privately-owned game store, now offers roadside service and in-store pick-up. With over a hundred games and puzzles…for all ages… their experts will make recommendations based on your budget. The store will remain open. However, order ahead and pick-up your new activity without leaving your vehicle.(Board Game Barrister’s Glendale Store…414.963.2100)

3. Now’s your time to learn a new instrument! Brass Bell Music Store is renting musical instruments from month to month. They will drop your selection off at your home and will provide helpful instructions. Brass Bell even offers virtual lessons for all instruments seven days a week (Brass Bell Music Store…414.963.1000)

4. Maintain “social distancing” at any of Glendale’s Parks and Outdoor Recreation spots. Kletzsch Park offers walk paths and fields for running, hiking, yoga, fishing, archery, sledding, and more!  You can hop on The Oak Leaf Trail at Glendale’s new trailhead located at the very West End of Bender Road at the Richard E. Maslowski Community Park.

Stay Educated Using Online Resources!

1. Take Virtual Tours and travel all around the world…right from your own couch!

  • Check out these virtual experiences coming from the Waterford.org website of zoos, art museum, world landmarks and outer space:
    • Online Tour of the Louvre Travel to Paris, France and visit one of the most renowned art galleries in the world. Take in the sights of the many exhibits that will transport you back in time through historical artifacts and paintings.
    • Take a Virtual Walk on Mars: Do your kids have an interest in space? Thanks to NASA they’ll be able to explore Mars’ surface in a 360 degree view and learn more about space exploration

2. Want extensive lists of educational and creative activities to do with your child? Check out Forbes and Learn in Color’s recommendations:

3. Scholastic has released it’s Scholastic’s Learn at Home website that offers At-Home Learning for Families and Digital Learning Opportunities for Schools. These courses are for kids ranging from PreK to Grades 6+. For just $5.99 a month, you can keep your kids learning and reading all summer long with “Learn at Home”

4. Does your child love math or do they need additional practice? Check out these websites. 

5. Teach your children and teens the importance of financial independence, money management, and credit. Through Creditcards.com’s Financial Guide, experts provide educational games and lessons to help children of all ages begin exploring the benchmarks of financial literacy, such as earning, saving, and investing, to develop valuable problem-solving skills.

6. For children in Kindergarten-3rd grade- Storyline Online is a free children’s literacy program where actors read books to children. Each video includes visuals from the book as well as activity guides with lessons for students to do.  

7. Want to expand your education and help others at the same time? Try freerice. Freerice is an online educational site for both children and adults. Users can learn from various categories including Global Goals, English, Geography, Humanities, Languages, Math, and Science. Interestingly enough, with every question answered correctly, users will receive grains of rice. This rice generates money to pay for actual grains of rice as well as additional aid for others around the globe. 100% of all funds raised will go to the World Food Programme. 

8.Watch one of the 150+ Educational Shows on Netflix. Topics range from animals, dinosaurs, earth & nature, outer space, history, documentaries, entertainment and more!

9. If your child loves animals, reptiles, and exotic wildlife, check out these websites:

  • San Diego Zoo: Learn exciting animal facts, explore exhibits in real time, and play fun games and activities
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: Dive deep under the sea through exhibit webcams. After your child is done exploring the underwater life, the Monterey Bay Aquarium also provides activities and games on their classroom resource page
  • National Geographic Kids: Discover different animal types, learn interesting facts, and watch various animal series videos. In addition, this site explores countries from around the world, Native American cultures, offers “Weird but True” video series and science projects and so much more!
  • One of our young local fans, Stephanie, loves learning about animals. After visiting her grandfather in Florida, she became fascinated with the wildlife that live there and wanted to share her favorite link while researching. Visit Animals of the Everglades to view what types of animals live in Florida.

Stay Enamored with Milwaukee!

1.  Animal lovers can watch their favorite wildlife and exotic animals on webcams at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

2. Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) is offering various activities for your child to continue learning and exploring.

  • Take a virtual tour of the museum and see various exhibits including dinosaurs, Old-town Milwaukee, Native-Americans and more!
  • Test your child’s knowledge using MPM’s educational lesson guides for kids in Pre-K – K5 and Grades 1 -12 on topics such as Dinosaurs, Mummies, Archaeology, Insects etc.
  • Check out 137 highlighted objects of the most important, unique, or interesting collections to commemorate MPM’s 137th anniversary. Many of the featured items are not on exhibit due to their fragile state. “These items reflect the broad scope of the over 4 million-plus objects in the Museum’s collections.”
  • Discover behind the scene videos of MPM Untold– a Youtube series exploring the Milwaukee Public Museum’s collections.

Although this year has been impacted by the widespread virus, there are still many ways to entertain our youth thanks to various online resources and local amenities. From taking online virtual tours, reading books, creating art projects, and even walking in the park, you can be sure your children will stay busy. Remember, we are all in this together, so please forward any of these links or ideas to your family, friends, and teachers who will benefit knowing these resources are out there to help during this time.

A North Shore Resident Corrine Kelly did a project for her Geography class at school and found more articles…. Corrine’s findings are the following; 

Take virtual trips through museums, historical landmarks, aquariums, zoos and more: https://couponfollow.com/research/virtual-field-trips

View Wyoming’s  beautiful National Parks and Monuments here! https://wyomingllcattorney.com/Blog/Famous-Landmarks-and-National-Parks-of-Wyoming

Thank you Corrine for sharing! 

Article written by Jesse BaDour, Marketing and Event Coordinator for Welcome to Glendale. Although Jesse is not a mother yet, she has siblings and cousins that will need to stay occupied as many schools have switched to online learning and after school activities and community events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. With her passion to learn and help, she wanted to forward her research to others in the North Shore area.