Create a “Roll Out the Barrel Tour”

In Glendale, we offer a hub of activities for beer aficionados.  In fact, one might say, we have beer in our name, GLEND-ALE!  Our reputation makes us a national stop for draft connoisseurs and tour groups. Welcome to Glendale.  Tap the possibilities!

Roll-Out-The-Barrel at Sprecher Brewing Company.  Rated one of the best brewery tours in Milwaukee.  People come from all over the World to learn how beer (and flavored sodas) are brewed!  After the tour, stay at the Rathskeller to enjoy samples and taste the pride…fresh from the tap.  Before heading out, visit the gift shop and purchase your newly-discovered favorites along with a T-Shirt or two.

Discover an authentic, indoor beer garden at the Bavarian Bierhaus. Designed for groups, the bierhaus offers an amazing happy hour, old-world recipes, live um-pa-pa music, and of course, the traditional game of hammerschlagen.  Outside (and on the river) you’ll find acres of a traditional outdoor beer garden grounds and “Festival Hall’…home to the famous Oktoberfest.  (Groups can reserve tables!) This Bavarian Oktoberfest is the oldest in the Midwest and draws around 20,000 people over six weekends. Expect the tradition: Polka, yodeling, Schuhplattler folk dancing, bratwurst, rollbraten, spanferkel, strudel, Bee Sting Cake and more!

If you’re searching for a good summer beer garden, Glendale offers two.  The traveling beer garden hits Kletzsch Park, a Milwaukee County Park, every summer.  It delivers large pretzels, Sprecher Beer on tap, traditional sausage meals, and of course, live music. You can also pack your own picnic basket.  Hurry…it’s only here a couple of weeks a summer…and then it taps out.  However, the permanent summer beer garden, “The Sprecher Oasis”, can be found at Glendale’s newest park, The Richard E. Maslowski Park.  This beer garden is surrounded by a children’s possibility playground, a bandshell for live music, Veterans Memorial, and an outdoor patio.

The Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival is always the Saturday before Father’s Day.  This festival, hosted at BAYSHORE, attracts over 2,000 people. Devout beer lovers come from all over the country to meet the craft brewers and discover new favorites.  Each beer is paired meticulously with delectables from carefully-chosen restaurants.  The Wisconsin Brewers Guild highlights over 40 breweries and 200 crafts! This festival is known for “quality” and satisfies attendees who are looking to learn, discover, taste, and connect in a friendly, upscale venue.

The World of Beer Festival is June 6th at the Bavarian Bierhaus. This fest, created by the Beer Barons, serves crafts and meads.

Learn to cook with beer during a special class with a private chef at Boelter Superstore.  Your group can have a special cooking class with one of Wisconsin’s top chefs.  The state-of-the-art event center is perfect for demonstrations…and enjoying the chef-made creations.

Welcome to Glendale…Tap the Possibilities!

If your tour group is interested in planning a visit to Glendale… Becca Garrison .  Let us roll-out-the-barrel for you!