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About the North Shore Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team

The North Shore Chamber of Commerce is guided by a volunteer board of community members and a WELCOME TO GLENDALE Board of Directors (appointed by the Mayor of Glendale). We are grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to the City of Glendale and Milwaukee’s North Shore.

Becca Garrison Executive Director


The North Shore Chamber of Commerce (NSCOC) is managed by Becca Garrison, Executive Director for WELCOME TO GLENDALE. She is guided by a dedicated volunteer board of directors. She accepted the role in December 2021. Born and raised in Glendale, she’s proud to promote Glendale as a tourist destination and showcase all the great attractions our city has to offer.

Becca has a great background in event coordination, management and marketing. She has worked in Glendale and hosted hundreds of events here. She has helped bring, host, and coordinate events in Glendale for the past 5 years.

Becca has lived, worked and gone to school in Glendale, most of her life. She attended Glendale Heights, Good Hope Elementary, Parkway Elementary, Glen Hills Middle School and Nicolet High School. She has 2 degrees from UWM. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching football (big Packer fan), and being active.

You can reach Becca at the NEW Glendale Visitor Center. She’s available by appointment, email, or phone.

Jesse BaDour Outreach & Administrative Coordinator


Jesse BaDour is the Outreach & Administrative Coordinator for WELCOME TO GLENDALE. She accepted the role as Marketing and Event Coordinator in March 2020. Although Jesse grew up in Milwaukee, she is very familiar with the North Shore community. She worked for the City of Glendale’s Department of Public Works as a summer intern, for three years.

Jesse graduated with Spanish, Event Planning, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Jesse has lived and volunteered abroad at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, De La Gente in Guatemala, and taught English in Thailand. She also has worked for Walt Disney World.

Jesse will be handling NSCOC correspondence/newsletters, administration, finances, and helping with outreach.

You can reach Jesse at 414-228-1720 or

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