Update 9/22/2020:


Dear Glendale residents:

January 12, 2021, Governor Evers issued a mask mandate extension. Emergency Order #1 extends the mask mandate to March 30, 2021. Masks must be worn (ages 5 and up) inside indoor public places and outdoors, whenever social distancing is not possible. 

This means that you should have a mask with you and wear it when you go grocery shopping, get your car serviced, go to the library, go to city hall, go to vote, stop in to the pharmacy, et al. YOU DO NOT NEED A MASK in your own home, when exercising or walking your dog, playing with your kids in the park, etc. The Governor’s order supersedes the Glendale Mask Requirement passed several months ago.

PLEASE RESPECT the privacy of neighbors and others and do not shame persons that are not wearing masks. I believe that our Glendale residents will comply to the best of their abilities.

The City Administrator and I conferred and this will be the policy for city employees: Glendale City employees will be wearing a mask when dealing with the public or in public spaces in City Hall. They will not be required to wear masks when working inside their individual offices. Public works crews spend much of their time outside and are not in close contact with others. They will not be required to wear masks when mowing medians, trimming trees or performing other public service work in which they are not in contact with the public. They will have masks with them in their trucks in case they come in contact with the public.

Here is a link to Governor Ever’s July 31, 2020, order: https://content.govdelivery.com/…/1…/EMO01-FaceCoverings.pdf

Here is a link to Governor Ever’s September 22, 2020 order: #90 Executive Order.

Link to Governor Ever’s November 10th, 2020, Order #94  indicating what people can do to stay safe.

Link to Governor Ever’s January 12, 2021, Emergency Order. 

Bryan Kennedy, Ph.D.
Mayor, City of Glendale